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Application of self-recovering fuses in electronic cigarettes

In China, e-cigarettes are getting more and more attention from consumers. In addition to being able to serve smokers like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes can also avoid polluting the environment and achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. Clinical trials have found that e-cigarettes are safe relative to cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain only water, nicotine extract, and flavors that mimic tobacco flavors. For nicotine, which contains only one-third to one-half of cigarettes, for the sake of safety, the smokers' friends are required to use electronic cigarettes produced by regular manufacturers.

Electronic cigarettes are personal electronic products. There are lithium batteries inside that need to be charged. Once charged, they can be used continuously for 1 hour or longer. It has strict safety requirements, and overcurrent protection such as short circuit is a basic basic safety requirement. If a primary fuse is used, the product will over-current due to a short circuit, etc., and the fuse will be blown quickly, making the product unusable. And the product space is narrow, and disassembly and maintenance are very troublesome. Non-professionals or maintenance personnel who have not received special training have no way to successfully disassemble it without damage, which brings great troubles to after-sales service. The problem of using a self-recovering fuse will be well solved.

In this case, in the electronic cigarette, the use of a patch-type recoverable fuse highlights its advantages; Under normal conditions, the self-recovery fuse has a very low resistance value, usually below one. We can understand it as a wire. If there is an overload phenomenon such as a short circuit, it can immediately appear a high resistance value, usually a few k ohms or more, so that the operating current of the commodity is confined to a small range. The user's safety is maintained, but when the power is blocked, the heat of the fuse can be restored in about 1 minute, and the low resistance value at the factory can be restored. It has no polarity when installed and is very convenient to use.

Nowadays, green and environmental protection is advocated all over the world, and smoking is harmful to health. As a bad way of life, it has now gained an increasing awareness of people. Countries around the world are advocating smoking cessation, and many public places to stop smoking, which has caused many inconveniences for smokers who have had a difficult time to quit smoking, so e-cigarettes are recognized by increasing customers.

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