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Capillary oil temperature switch_Thermostat de dilatation du liquide

Category: Capillary thermostat
Product Introduction:differential temperature switch
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    First, the principle of performance High power adjustable over-temperature alarm thermostat
    Performance Principle: Pressure temperature controller through a sealed pressure type thermostats filled with the working fluid temperature sensing bulb and capillary, the alleged change in temperature into pressure or volume changes in a confined space, the temperature reaches the set value, by Flexible and fast transient element actuator, shut down automatically contacts or damper, in order to achieve automatic control of temperature. It sets the main body portion by the temperature sensing unit, temperature, perform the opening and closing of the micro switch or automatic damper composed of three parts.

    Second, the use of High power adjustable over-temperature alarm thermostat
    So that the material thermostat temperature to produce the corresponding portion of the thermal expansion and contraction of the physical phenomena when the object to be controlled temperature changes, together with the temperature sensing portion of the communication bellows produce expansion or contraction. To leverage to drive switching-off operation, to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. Pressure type thermostat with temperature control accurate, reliable, prompt, open stop small temperature difference between the control temperature adjustment range, overload current, adaptability and other characteristics.
    Mainly used for electric equipment (refrigerators, freezers, drinking fountains, household air conditioners and automotive tune supporting the use of pressure-type thermostat: a shower, washing machine, large refrigerator, central air-conditioning supporting the use of liquid expansion thermostat ; supporting the use of compressed air dryer pressure control days off) and other temperature control apparatus.

    Third, the pressure thermostat technical parameters:

    Product Type: High power adjustable over-temperature alarm thermostat A10-6580-057
    Model: A10-6580-057
    Voltage: 220V, 50-60HZ
    Current: 6 (6) A
    Temperature range: ± 35 ℃
    Tolerance range: 1-2.5 ℃
    Shell material: aluminum zinc
    Capillary material: copper
    Filling mode: gas
    Working life: 10 million times
    Packing: 100 / box, box packaging, color box can be customized according to customer requirements with nut Weight: 10 kg, net: 9 kg, carton size: 44 * 34 * 19,
    Usage: Household refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, display cabinets, drinking fountains, refrigerators and other kitchen
    Certificate: CE, TUV, UL, ROHS, CQC, ISD9001: 2008, EX-PROOF

    Fourth, High power adjustable over-temperature alarm thermostat Note:
    1, the user must be based on characteristics of their products, the required temperature control, proposed order models and specifications.
    2, when the thermostat installed, temperature control is possible, snapping entire surface temperature, in order to achieve accurate temperature control purposes.
    3, the installation will not be pressure tube deformation temperature, so as not to affect its performance.
    4. Do not allow conductive gas or conductive material into the thermostat or contaminated surface temperature to avoid affecting the electrical insulation properties.
    5, M4 wire mounting bracket not too long, otherwise it will damage the thermostat performance.
    6, the electrical switch box ceramic pieces gently to avoid damage.
    7, the capillary bend radius can not be less than 5mm.
    Pressure type thermostat
    resettable thermal switch

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