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The difference between fast down fuse and slow down fuse?

1, slow-blow fuse with a fast break misunderstanding: Some people think that when encountered in the circuit fault current fuse action sooner the better, the stronger its protective function, In this sense, Slow-blow fuse protection performance as fast blown fuse, then this argument, right? Here we want to fuse with the basic characteristics of the current description:
2, slow-blow fuse with a fast break current discrimination:
      Indeed, when the same overcurrent load condition, Slow-blow fuse operating speed faster than a blown fuse come slower, But bigger is not its slow response, but the energy required to fuse it, You can also say that it is not just having an overcurrent response, Also has overcurrent or category of energy discriminant power Action during the delay time can be seen as a slow-blow fuse overcurrent judge time.

3, fault current Category:
Generally over-current can be divided into two categories: Surges and failures. Surge currents are large or the charge and discharge of the surrounding circuit when the circuit breaker is caused, Pulse peak large, short duration, The energy released is often small. Slow-blow fuse can withstand such shocks without causing over-current fuse action; The overcurrent fault is persistent, Even if the peak is not necessarily high in energy but also greatly exceeds the overcurrent surge, As usual, slow-blow fuse and fuse action will respond quickly. so from this point of view, Slow-blow fuses slightly slower action not only does not affect its protection, Only to strengthen its protection, Avoid the chance of malfunction. You can use a wider range of situations, A variety of circuit protection.

4. What is slow down fuse:
Also called slow-blow fuse delay fuse, Its performance in the circuit delay characteristics of the non-fault occurs when a current pulse intact and able to provide protection for a long time overload. Some instant switching circuit current is greater than several times the normal operating current, although the peak current is high, But it appears the time is very short, We call it the pulse current is also called surge current or surge current call it. Normal fuse can not afford this is current, Such circuits are used if an ordinary fuse afraid you can not boot up, If a larger size fuse (fuses), So when the circuit overload time and unprotected. Delay fuse melt through special processing, It has the effect of absorbing energy, They will be able to adjust the amount of energy absorption which can be withstood the impact of current and can overload protection.

5. What is the fast break fuse
Fast break fuse used for circuit boards or special equipment as long as the current exceeds its rating instantaneous fuse, only for short circuit protection.
fast break fuse
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