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Where is the price difference of the KSD301 temperature control switch?

Article Source:Thermal protectorAuthor:YaxunPopularity:Published time:2019-10-31 15:59

The KSD301 temperature control switch is divided into three types of housings. One is a generally black bakelite or plastic outer casing, and the other is a white or other colored ceramic casing. There is also a housing that is a PPS material. The aluminum cover with a diameter of 16 mm is used as the heat transfer surface, and then the heat is transferred to the inner bimetal. After the bimetal is thermally expanded, the two contacts in the inner spring are pushed open or pushed under the spring force of the spring. Due to the different power of the heating device, the maximum current inside the temperature control switch can be divided into 10A, 15A, 20A, 40A, 60A. Generally, a 15A switch is preferably used for a heating device of 2500 W or more.

First let's take a look at the internal components of the KSD301 temperature control switch. The components of the temperature control switch are:
Bimetal (temperature disc |), contact (silver point), moving reed (spring), static contact, rivet, terminal, aluminum cover, housing!

price difference of the KSD301 temperature control switch

1. How to distinguish the quality of bimetal?

At present, the most commonly used domestic bimetal temperature sheet in China is the number 1480 which is the most normal temperature. However, the quality of the bimetals of several major steels in China is generally good, and the quality of other factories is relatively poor. The main reason is that the bounce life is low, and the stability of the temperature is of course low, so the price is relatively cheap. This is the difference between the price of the KSD301 temperature control switch.

2. What is the impact of the contact?
The contact is a key component of the internal on/off contact of the KSD301 temperature control switch. The ordinary day of action can be about 50 times. If the contact is purely copper, then it is impossible to achieve a high life under the impact of the arc of the on-off current; To achieve high life and over rated current, the contacts must be of a certain thickness of silver level contact points; Silver's withstand voltage and arc shock resistance are much higher than copper. The relative price of silver is much higher than that of copper, so the lower the price, the lower the price. This is the difference between the price of the temperature switch.

3, the quality of the shrapnel can also affect the characteristics of the KSD301 temperature control switch; The shrapnel plays a very important role between the turning on and off of the temperature control switch. If the shrapnel is made of stainless steel, the life and results will not be very good.

4, The static film acts as a common component for current conduction. If the thickness is low, the ability to pass current is relatively reduced, so a material of a certain thickness is required.

5, rivet as the most important link of the KSD301 temperature control switch external components, need to reach the material with excessive current and expansion coefficient; If it is made of iron or aluminum, at a relatively high temperature, it is likely to cause the casing to burst and damage the switch. Therefore, the general material is copper nickel plating.

6, the terminal and aluminum cover can choose different materials according to different products. (The terminals are divided into iron-copper-plated nickel-plated copper and silver-plated. The latter is good in conductivity. It is suitable for customers who use welding, and the cost is higher.)

7. There is also a certain difference in processing costs.

From the above points, if a KSD301 temperature control switch is viewed from the above, the price of the entire thermostat will differ by about 0.4 yuan. However, the difference in service life is more than 80,000 times, and the risk factor is incalculable. Because the temperature control switch as a key component of some home appliances (such as: water dispensers, electric water heaters, hand warmers, electric kettles, electric heaters, coffee machines, rice cookers, etc.), is related to the lives of themselves and their families; Therefore, some consumers should not blindly plan to make the whole machine cheaper; Manufacturers want to produce high quality and low price products, and choose the quality temperature control switch supplier is the right choice.

Remarks: The temperature control switch in this article is also known in life as the temperature switch KSD301 sudden jump temperature switch, thermostat and so on. There are several different words in the text temperature control switch, thermostat, thermal protector, in fact, is the same product.