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Переключатель температуры Автомобили

Category: Car Thermostat
Product Introduction:water temperature switch
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    cars thermal switch:
    USING FOREIGN bimetal disc as temperature sampling element, the water temperature switch is mounted on the tank temperature sensitive parts, dynamic collection tank water temperature changes by dish-shaped metal sheet is deformed at a temperature and temperature transient point beating the principle role, with the institutions, so that the two contacts quickly turn on, start the fan, water cooling tank, the engine of the car to play safe

    Principle: transient temperature points beating
    It consists of two tranches of wax texture and temperature element contact action mechanism driving the composition, the use of paraffin when heated from a solid into a liquid volume suddenly increases to move fader control opening and closing of the contacts. With coolant temperature, the wax begins to expand, while the overwhelming tension spring frame by pushing the plunger rubber sealing film. When the cooling water temperature rose to 95 ℃, low contact is closed, the radiator fan motor power, low speed to 1600 r / min of.
    When the cooling water temperature continues to rise to 105 ℃ when, due to continued expansion of the paraffin leaving the high-speed contact is closed, the radiator fan motor in high speed 2400r / min, in order to increase the cooling intensity. When the cooling water temperature drops, paraffin volume contraction, putting retraction leaving the contact is opened, the realization of the radiator fan motor control in the role of the contact tension.

    cars thermal switch used: ● motorcycle tank thermostat range for passenger cars application ⑴, ⑵ trucks, ⑶ tank car, ⑷ cooling fan motor, ⑸ favor of an automobile engine to maintain optimal temperature.

    ●cars thermal switch conditions
    ⑴ relative humidity at + 20 ℃ Environment issued 95%
    ⑵ atmospheric pressure 86-106Kpa
    ⑶ working position: Any

    ●cars thermal switch technology parameters
    ⑴ Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ --150 ℃ (any temperature)
    ⑵ reset temperature: 6 ℃ --40 ℃ (temperature difference with the action)
    ⑶ Rated voltage: DC24V-250V
    ⑷ Current Rating: 10A
    ⑸ Insulation resistance: DC500V 10MΩ (normal)
    ⑹ Contact resistance: resistance Rs≤50mΩ (initial value) when the static and dynamic contact exposure
    ⑺ Open resistance: static and dynamic contact resistance Rk≥10MΩ off
    ⑻ withstand voltage: AC1000V 50HZ 30S (normal)
    ⑼ switch life: its own on-off switching times ≥100,000 times (normal)
    Common thread: M12 * 1.5; M14 * 1.5; M16 * 1.5; M20 * 1.5; M22 * 1.5, G2 / 1

    Note: The temperature may need to develop a series based on other customers, different interfaces and loading plug form, different electrical parameters of products
    water temperature switch
    water temperature switch

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