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best circuit breaker_electrical overload best circuit breake

Category: Overload protection
Product Introduction:oil circuit breaker
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    Circuit breaker Specifications
    High-current circuit breaker, using bimetal structures, when the circuit is overloaded, quickly power protection, the highest application to 200A waterproof design, widely used in special vehicles, off-road vehicles winch, yachts&ships electrical control. 
    Rating: T1: 30-250A@32Vdc
    T3: 30-250A@48Vdc 
    Interrupt Rating: T1: 30-250A, 5KA@32Vdc
    T3: 30-150A, 3KA@48Vdc (switchable); Ultra Hi-A, 3KA@42Vdc 
    Operating Tempeature rating: -25℉(-32℃) to 180℉(82℃)
    Stortage Temperature rating: -30℉(-34℃) to 149℉(125℃)
    Materials: UL rated thermal plastic 94V-0 
    Stud size: M6, M10 and 1/4”-28 threads per inch 
    Torque rating: 50in-lb (5.6Nm) max 
    Ingress Protection rating: IP 67
    Compliance: SAE J1625 ; SAE J1171, UL1500 Ignition protection
    Surface mount, protective stud insulators included 
    Main applications: Auxiliary circuit for trucks, buses, RV and marine electrical systems
    Battery Charger
    DC Sound 
    Model Code: motor rated switch with overloads
    Ⅰ Mode 1: VN1; 2: VN2; 3: VN3
    4: VN4; 5: VN5; 6: VN6
    7: VN7; 8: VN8; 9: VN9 
    Ⅱ Current 30-250A (T1)
    30-150A (T3) 
    Ⅲ Stud Size (M6, M10 and 1/4”-28 threads per inch) 
    X Terminal

    9: Sems, stainless
    8: Hex flange nut, stainless
    0: Sems, iron with zinc plated 
    Y Hardware
    6: Sems installed, box each pack
    7: Sems installed, box each pack with bus-bar x 2
    8: Sems bulk, barriers pack
    9: Sems installed, barriers pack 
    Ⅳ Customer
    ( Get the code from factory)
    electrical overload
    Dimensional Outline Drawing

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