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df72s Thermal fuse

Axial thermal fuse DF72S
Axial thermal fuse DF72S
Axial thermal fuse DF72S. Temperature fuse axial 72°C/15A. Max. voltage = 250V Package = 13 x 4,0mm Series = DF. Product code 530-114 RoHS RoHS Ano Kód výrobce DF72S Weight 0.001192 Kg. Price VAT included from 100 ks € 0,390 / 0.3264 € Net price Price VAT included from 50 ks € 0,480 / 0.3948 € Net price ...

DF Series - Datasheet catalog
The Thermal DF Series Thermal Cutoffs are single action devices that open when ... mal cutoff is an electrically insulated thermal pellet. ... Temperature (°C) TH TM 15 Amp/125Vac 15 Amp/125Vac 10 Amp/250Vac. Number Tol: +0°C/-4°C (°C) (°C) 10 Amp/250Vac 10 Amp/250Vac. DF66S. 66. 42 130. ○. ○. ○. DF72S. 72.

Our Thermal Cutoffs(Fuses)-Organic Thermal Element Type) are used to ... Thermal Cutoffs(Fuses) are non-resettable thermal fuse which open electrical contacts ... VDE: upto. 250V/15A. PSE upto. 250V/15A. CCC: upto. 250V/15A. TOLERANCE. Tf +0. -5℃. 250V/10A(UL). 42. 130. O. O. O. O. 32001-1001 3-2-385. DF72S.

DF72S datasheet(1/3 Pages) ETC2 | Thermal Cut-Offs
Our Thermal Cut-Offs (Organic Thermal Element. Type) are used to prevent fires caused by. abnormal heat generation from circuits and other. heat producing electrical products. They are a. non-resettable thermal fuse which open electrical. contacts when temperatures exceed the specified. level. APPLICATIONS. • Electric ...

Thermal Fuse DF72S 72도 (주)엘레파츠
Thermal Fuse DF72S 72도 (주)엘레파츠
Thermal Fuse(온도휴즈) P/N: DF72S. :: 제품사양 -Tf:72℃ -Cut-off temperature:70℃ +2℃-2℃ -Th:47℃ -정격전압:250V AC -정격전류:10A -UL인증제품. :: 제품특징 전기 전자 제품의 이상발열을 감지하여 전원을 차단하는 온도 과승 방지용 온도 휴즈 로서 과열로 부터 제품을 보호하고 화재를 방지하여 인명과 재산을 보호하는 고 ...

72degreeC 15amp Microtemp Thermal Fuse - Part # NTE8070 ...
72degreeC 15amp Microtemp Thermal Fuse. Part Number - NTE8070, DF72S. Replaces ECG8070, SK821, MT72.Thermal fuse as used in many heaters, kettles, urns, snack &

Cantherm_sdf Thermal Fuse (2) | Fuse (Electrical) | Physical Quantities
They are a non-resettable thermal fuse which open electrical contacts when temperatures exceed the specified level. ... UL/cUL VDE CCC PSE O TF (ºC) 50 TH (ºC) 30 DF50S – – – DE57S – – – O 57 37 DF66S O O O O 66 42 DF72S O O O O 72 50 DF77S O O O O 77 55 DF84S O O O O 84 60 DF91S O O O O 91 67 DF98S ...

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... בבקשה שלח/י לנו אותה בדוא"ל (כתובת דוא"ל). וחברות הבת שלה ממאנות אחריות וכל הבטחה, מפורשת או מרומזת, וכל נטילת אחריות שהיא עבור כל אובדן שעלול לנבוע או שעשוי להיות קשור למידע מתורגם-אוטומטית שנגרם לך עקב טעות טכנית של כלי תרגום השפות. Click to view the corresponding English site:dye thermal fuse df72s
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