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Please put your electronic resume to our email:cnyaxun@yahoo.com,Or contact me directly.
Dongguan Yaxun electronic _Recruitment Salesman

       Yaxun Electronics Dongguan City Hardware Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, specializes in the production and sales of circuit protection devices.
Our products are divided into three sectors, namely the production of sales products are as follows: thermal protection, fuse, temperature fuse, NTC temperature sensor.

Thermal protection of leading products: bimetal sudden jump thermostat, defrost thermostat, power thermostat, liquid expansion capillary thermostat, battery thermal protection, motor temperature control switch, adjustable temperature switches, overload protection, temperature control switch delay reset, automotive copper thread thermostat. complete product specifications.

Fuse sectors Products: miniature fuse, current fuse glass, ceramic tube current fuse, SMD fuses, fuse resistors, square fuse, car fuses, resettable Fuses, temperature fuse fuse and various ancillary products.

NTC sensor industry sector Main products: thermal resistance, temperature sensors, temperature sensors, automotive head copper thread sensor, PTC sensors, power thermistors
Our products are widely used: power adapter, switching power supply, chargers, transformers, computers, telephones, household appliances, communication products, lighting products, toy products, various types of electronic equipment and cables, electrical products, IT, consumer electronics, automotive, batteries and other fields. Now open for recruitment of talent follows:

First, the domestic marketing staff 5

job requirements:
1, high school or college degree or above, marketing or computer and electronic related professional
2, more than 1 year experience in marketing and related work, optimistic, aggressive, strong language skills and interpersonal skills
3, familiar with computer operations (Windows office software, e-mail, MSN, Tradelink online communication software)
· Have experience working with industry conditions may be relaxed
4, with the ability to analyze customer needs; ability to work under pressure and challenges, with a strong sense of responsibility;
5, strong team spirit, good at thinking, lively, good communication and exchange, with a logical analysis;
6, familiar with PPT, Word and other Office tools

7, have sales experience is preferred
· Payroll Standard: accommodation 1500 yuan + profit 10% commission;

Second, foreign Marketing Specialist 5

job requirements:

1, familiar with computer operations (Windows office software, e-mail, MSN, Tradelink online communication software)
2, work experience in the same industry conditions may be relaxed
3, responsible for Alibaba platform product releases, updates, maintenance, treatment and follow-up inquiries and domestic and foreign exhibitors;
4, the customer is responsible for the development, follow-up and maintenance;
5, responsible for the order to negotiate and follow up;
6. Complete other work superiors confessed.

job requirements:
1, college education, international trade or business related professional English, English language.
2, there is more than one year of work experience in foreign trade business related fields
3, Excellent English written and verbal skills, strong commercial awareness and negotiation skills, ability to develop strong.
4, ambitious, have their own goals in life, be able to pay, grow with the company.

Promotion line: foreign trade clerk - Foreign leader - in charge of foreign trade - trade manager.
Sincerely treat each morning gather of people, to provide equal opportunities for every morning of people gather.
Other benefits:

Attendance bonus, subsidized accommodation, travel, paid annual leave, holidays and other benefits.

Location: Changping Town, Dongguan City Industrial Park Bridge Lek

Tel: 0769-83811196 or 13827205356
E-mail: cnyaxun@yahoo.com