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Category: Currents Fuse
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    Breaking Capacity Material Operating Temperature Soldering conditions
    VDE:35A or 10ln whichever is greater(250mA-6.3A)
    UL:50 amperes at 125V/250V AC (250mA-10A)
    Fuse body –glass tube
    End cap --nickel plated brass
    Pigtail--tin plated copper on nickel plated brass cap
    -40℃~+125℃ Wave solder:260℃,≤5S
    Hand solder: 360℃,≤1S
    Functional  Characteristics
    Testing current Blow Time
    Min Max
    150% 1 hour  -
    210% 100ms 1800s
    275% 10ms 3s
    400% 3ms 300ms
    1000% - 20ms
    Approvals(○ Pending ● Approvals)
    Current Rating
    Voltage Rating Norminal Melting
    250mA 125V/250V 0.14  
    300mA 125V/250V 0.20        
    315mA 125V/250V 0.23  
    350mA 125V/250V 0.27        
    400mA 125V/250V 0.38        
    500mA 125V/250V 0.50  
    600mA 125V/250V 0.72        
    630mA 125V/250V 0.9  
    750mA 125V/250V 1.2        
    800mA 125V/250V 1.6  
    1A 125V/250V 2.4
    1.25A 125V/250V 3.5
    1.5A 125V/250V 4      
    1.6A 125V/250V 7.2
    2A 125V/250V 9.6
    2.5A 125V/250V 16
    3A 125V/250V 17.8      
    3.15A 125V/250V 22
    3.5A 125V/250V 28      
    4A 125V/250V 45
    5A 125V/250V 62
    6A 125V/250V 70        
    6.3A 125V/250V 72  
    7A 125V/250V 88        
    8A 125V/250V 110  
    10A 125V/250V 144  

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