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Thermistor Manufacturers

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Product Introduction:
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    Thermistor ManufacturingThermistor Manufacturing
    Ya Xun with the most advanced equipment and technology, to provide customers with a variety of thermistor manufacturing services, including NTC, PTC, NTC sensors and PTC sensors, power thermistors and so on.
    We have all the technical and production processes thermistor, comprising Metal Element Synthesis - Chip Sintering - Electrode preparation - Slicing - Packaging - Finished product testing. We manufacture thermistors that export all over the world, created China's most high-quality sensitive components, affordable price service to customers.Ya Xun thermistor manufacturing technology and temperature sensor processing services complement each other, this one-stop service can meet your more complex product design requirements. welcome to contact us for free quotes, to discuss the best solution for the project.

    What Is A Thermistor?High temperature thermistor
    Thermistor is a temperature coefficient sensitive element, according to the temperature coefficient is divided into different temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC), the thermistor element using various combinations of metal sintering, to achieve desired characteristics of the final product. Advanced processing technology will be based on customer requirements for parameter adjustment. Our technical staff will continue to improve elements combined process, to improve the accuracy of the resistance of the final optimized to meet the product design requirements.
    In Ya Xun, in order to meet the different customer requirements, develop a variety of resistance materials: semiconductor resistive materials, metal resistive materials, alloy resistive materials.

    Thermistor CharacteristicsThermistor temperature measurement characteristics
    In Ya Xun, thermistor is the most important feature of long life, high precision. After the ultra-high temperature, high pressure test. The product is still high precision, high sensitivity, high reliability, it can still work for a long time stable.
     1. Thermistor typical characteristics are sensitive to temperature, different temperatures show different resistance values.
    2. (PTC) The higher the temperature, the greater the resistance value. Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors (NTC) have the lower resistance at higher temperatures, and they belong to the same semiconductor device.
    3. PPTC thermistor (polymer positive temperature coefficient) is made of polymer material filled with carbon black particles. This material has a certain conductivity, and thus can pass the rated current.
    4. High sensitivity, the resistance temperature coefficient than the metal 10 to 100 times higher, can detect the temperature change of 10-6 ℃;
     5. After making the temperature sensor, the working temperature range is wide, room temperature device for -55 ℃ ~ 315 ℃, high temperature device temperature is higher than 315 ℃ (currently up to 2000 ℃), low temperature devices for -273 ℃ ~ -55 ℃;
     6. Small size, it is possible to measure other thermometer can not measure the gap, and the temperature of the body cavity of a biological vessel;
    7. Easy to use, the resistance value can be arbitrarily selected between 0.1 ~ 100kΩ;
    8. Easy to process into a complex shape, can be mass production;
    9. Good stability, strong overload capacity.

    Application Classification of Thermistors
    At present Ya Xun to provide semiconductor, metal and alloy three kinds of materials, thermistor manufacturing, the function of each material, features have their own uniqueyou. Taking into the account the cost factors, our engineers are happy to propose the most suitable material recommendations based on your product characteristics and project budget.

    Our company has developed different characteristics of thermistor, the main applications are: NTC thermistor, PTC thermistor, PPTC self-recovery fuse, temperature compensated thermistor, power thermistor, using our advanced processing equipment, can also be assembled into different types of temperature sensors.
    automatic degaussing PTCR
    NTC Thermistorsingle-ended glass seal
    NTC thermistor is a metal oxide for the full mixing, molding, sintering made of semiconductor ceramic resistors, the main materials are manganese, copper, silicon, cobalt, iron, nickel, zinc and other metal elements, a thermistor having a negative temperature coefficient, the temperature rises the resistance decreases exponentially.
    In Ya Xun, continuous improvement of transistor technology, thermistor research has made significant progress. NTC thermistor is widely used in temperature measurement, temperature control, temperature compensation and so on.
    In order to facilitate the installation and application of customers, NTC thermistor has a different package: SMD seal, Glass sealed diode, epoxy resin, single-ended glass seal, SMD glass seal, enameled wire.

    Power ThermistorPower Thermistor
    In order to avoid the surge circuit in the electronic circuit in the instantaneous surge current, the power thermistor in series in the power supply circuit, can effectively suppress the surge current when the boot, after the completion of inrush current suppression, due to the continuous action of its current, the resistance of the power thermistor will drop to a very small level, it consumes the power can be ignored, will not affect the normal working current, therefore, the power thermistor is mounted in the power supply circuit, it is the easiest and most effective way to suppress the surge current to protect the electronic equipment from damage.

    PTC thermistorPTC Thermistor

    PTC thermistor to BaTiO3 or SrTiO3 or PbTiO3 as the main component, the addition of Mn, Fe, Cu, Cr oxides can increase the positive resistance temperature coefficient, using the general ceramic process high temperature sintering, thereby obtaining a thermistor having a positive temperature characteristic.
    Choosing the right metal elements is critical to product functionality. PTC thermistor in the industry can be used as temperature measurement and control, but also for the motor motor temperature detection and regulation, and a large number for civilian appliances. Ya Xun developed products widely used in instantaneous water boilers, air conditioners and cold storage temperature control. The use of its own heating function, can be used as gas analysis and wind speed measurement and other functions.

    PTCR thermistor is a mixture of different metal elements, our team will make the most rational recommendations based on product characteristics. The most suitable product to meet your product requirements. Such as: automatic degaussing, delay start, constant temperature heating, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, sensor PTCR resistance.

    Temperature Sensor manufacturingTemperature Sensor
    Temperature sensor is temperature measurement and temperature control device, commonly used to measure the resistance of the temperature: Thermistor and thermocouple, resistive through a variety of processes and components, sealing into a variety of sensors, a wide variety. Making the thermistor (NTC, PTC) industrial applications more widely.
    In Ya Xun, we have advanced CNC machining centers, can be customized in different shapes metal sensor probe. When my company received your product technical requirements, our technical staff will further communicate with you product appearance size, for your quick proofing test, to meet the product design requirements, for your product quickly to the market to win the initiative.
    Temperature sensor is a thermistor, probe group (joint), sealing technology, extended lead, and the terminal connector combination. Please click to view the different probe temperature sensor.

    Immediately Carry Out Your Next Project
    By a selection of high-quality production process and product parameters, our customers receive a satisfactory product every time. As long as you send parameters to us, we will offer you free quote and quick proofing, technical engineers will be product parameters for productive analysis to ensure that the product's technical parameters and quality to meet your requirements.

    ►R & D, production and sales. Protection of electronic components industry standard setters. Rich experience in production technology, 100% pass rate. All products through international quality certification standards, 63 patent certificates.
    Strong Production Capacity
    ►The introduction of top international production, testing equipment, leading R & D manufacturing process; Multiple rigorous safety testing processes, Annual production capacity of 1 billion, Sales and service network all over the world.
    Professional Technical Support
    ►Our company provides free samples to test. Unconditional 100% quality assurance; One on one to provide you with protection element solutions, Tailored for you.
    Distinguished Quality Service
    ►We have a professional management team and sales network;Service up to more than 10,000 users worldwide;Homegrown, no middleman, Saves you 20% of the product price.

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