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small fuses series_ ヒューズの抵抗

Category: Resistance fuses
Product Introduction:small fuses
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    Intentions to develop, to use technology to benefit society
    Breaking Capacity  Material Operating Temperature  Soldering conditions 
    VDE:100 amperes at 250V/300V AC(250mA-6.3A)
    UL:100 amperes at 125V/250V/300V/350V AC (250mA-6.3A)
    Fuse body –Plastic
    Pigtail--tin plated copper
    -40℃~+125℃ Wave solder:260℃,≤5S
    Hand solder: 360℃,≤1S
    Functional  Characteristics 
    Testing current  Blow Time 
    Min Max
    150% 1 hour  
    210% 1s 120s
    275% 400ms 10s
    400% 150ms 3ms
    1000% 20ms  150ms
    fuse electronic
    Approvals (○ Pending  ● Approvals )
    Current Rating  Voltage Rating  Norminal Melting I2T(A2sec) Approvals 
    250mA 250V 0.28    
    300mA 250V 0.30          
    315mA 250V 0.32    
    350mA 250V 0.32          
    400mA 250V 0.40    
    500mA 250V 0.47    
    600mA 250V 0.48          
    630mA 250V 0.50    
    750mA 250V 0.51          
    800mA 250V 1.6    
    1A 250V 4.5  
    1.25A 250V 4.8 ●  ●    ● 
    1.5A 250V 4.9        
    1.6A 250V 7.4  
    2A 250V 12.2  
    2.5A 250V 13.6  
    3A 250V 13.7        
    3.15A 250V 30.5  
    3.5A 250V 30.6        
    4A 250V 50.2  
    5A 250V 80   ● 
    6A 250V 80.5        
    6.3A 250V 127   ● 
    7A 250V 127.3       ●   
    8A 250V 204.5   ● 
    10A 250V 320   ● 
    12A 250V 320   ● 
    12.5A 250V 320   ● 
    15A 250V 320   ● 

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