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st-22 temperature limit switch_sıcaklık kontrol anahtarı

Category: Mini Temperature Switches
Product Introduction:temperature limit switch
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    ● ST-22 Series Temperature Switch Description:
    moment closing action
    automatic recovery
    completely waterproof hermetic
    rapid thermal reaction
    use of heat-resistant resin, no other insulation measures
    5.1 Electric strength
      a. thermal protector between the contacts of the cut should be able to withstand power frequency 50Hz, 600V voltage, which lasted 1min without breakdown flashover (leakage current setting 1mA).
    b. between thermal protection lead or terminal and housing insulation can withstand the power frequency 50Hz, 1500V voltage, which lasted 1min without breakdown flashover (leakage current setting 1mA).
    5.2 insulation
    Under normal conditions, between the lead (terminal) and the insulating sleeve insulation resistance greater than 100MΩ (DC500V megger).
    5.3 electrical life
    Thermal protection at AC 50Hz, voltage 220V, power factor COS∮ = 0.75-0.8 conditions, with the rated current, test 2000 times, operating temperature should be ± 5 ℃ or ± 5% of the initial value (whichever the larger value) range, the contact welding does not occur, continue after the heat test 4000 times
    Protection should still work reliably.
    Temperature control switch
    switch temperature

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