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Temperature fuse / Thermal fuse in transformer coil overheat protection applications

First, why the need to install the transformer winding Temperature fuse / thermal fuse:
We must first analyze the heat caused by the transformer coil specific issues:
1, no-load transformer insulation heat is bad or transformer input voltage is too high.
2, the load is too heavy.
3, rectifier, capacitors and other short-circuit, the current becomes larger.
4, transformer equivalent aging
5, transformer insulation aging
These problems will cause the transformer coil abnormal heat, May burn out the product or cause a fire. The Temperature fuse is a thermal protection element, In the transformer coil overheating protection plays a key role.

Temperature fuse / Thermal fuse works:
     Temperature fuse  a temperature sensing loop cut-off device, Temperature fuse can be induced by electrical and electronic products in the abnormal operation of the overheating temperature, Thereby cutting off the circuit in order to avoid the occurrence of fire. Commonly used in consumer electronics such as rice cookers, induction cooker, transformers and so on
 Temperature fuse can not be re-used after the operation, Only in the fuse temperature action once.

Temperature fuse | thermal fuse in the transformer coil Installation:
Temperature fuse in series transformer primary coil, Embedded in the transformer. When the transformer work is abnormal, Coil abnormal temperature, Temperature fuse temperature thermal cut, Cut off the circuit, The transformer input end opens circuit, The transformer stops working,The thermal fuse acts as an overheat protection.

Temperature fuse | thermal fuse in the transformer coil installation diagram:
Temperature fuse Applications           Temperature fuse
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